Painful Lymph Nodes

An innate component of our immune systems are the lymph nodes. They appear when they are tender and hurting, but we are unable to know if a medical aid has to be sought immediately. Let us look into how serious and what exactly needs to be known about painful lymph nodes.

What are Lymph Nodes?

Lymph nodes can be categorized as part of lymphatic system. They are usually found in

painful lymph nodes
Painful lymph nodes. Source:

several different parts of entire body. Some of them are in clusters and can be sensed via the skin as little, round bulges that are quite tiny. Apparent bunches can be seen on your armpit, groin and neck. The main unique function of these lymph nodes is that of straining the lymph which is a fluid. This fluid will take with it various strange bodies like microorganisms and unusual types of waste. As soon as these foreign materials are segregated, they are obliterated by the white blood cells. When the lymph nodes execute their usual task they will be quite painless.

Painful Lymph Nodes

Occasionally, lymph nodes tend to be quite puffed-up. Your body is fighting out some kind of infection then you feel a pain in lymph nodes. The infection may be due to some bacterial or viral fever. When you have cold, aching throat, ear contagion, gum infectivity or mouth sores etc then your lymph nodes swell. Serious conditions like HIV, mumps and tuberculosis also result in painful lymph nodes. Some tablets and vaccines also result in it with swelling.

How to know if painful lymph nodes are temporary

First of all you will have to check for swelling in the lymph nodes situated at the neck region or below the underside of the jaw or in the rear of the mouth areas. If they are normally functioning then they should not be more than one inch long.

  • Try to recall mentally if you got your lymph node pain all of a sudden. If this is the case then the pain may be due to a dash against something hard in that area of your body. This symptom does not indicate any kind of serious illness.
  • Your latest medical reports will also help you to know the reason of your painful lymph nodes. Some medicines which you would have taken recently may also result in pain. For example the vaccination which you would have taken for your typhoid fever or Phenytoin – the medicine to treat epilepsy can result in this sort of pain in your lymph nodes.

Painful lymph nodes and serious illness

Sometimes painful lymph nodes could also be a signal of your serious illness. How to know how serious it is:

  1. Sense the painful lymph nodes and check whether they are hard to touch or feel soft. If you find they are hard then it means that you have a serious illness and the lymph nodes are able to fight your infection. It is better for you to see a doctor.
  2. When you lymph nodes are more than 1 inch then it is a signal of a pretty grave illness in your body.
  3. Check the color of the dermis which can be found on the top of the lymph nodes. If you find that it is somewhat pink or red then it is an indication of a serious illness. You must consult a doctor immediately.
  4. Other warning signs which you must keep track of are:

If you find Fever, loss of weight, fatigue and sweating during nights accompanied with painful lymph nodes, then it means that you are in a very serious condition. It may include lymphoma and Cat Scratch Fever. Under such circumstances you must consult your doctor immediately and seek his advice.

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